Have you ever had trouble breastfeeding? Or maybe your significant other, friend or someone you know? There are so may reasons that can prevent someone from being able to give their child this experience. Breastfeeding is extremely important to the development of a child. The skin-to-skin contact builds a strong brain through the smells, textures, and sounds the baby experiences while he's on mom or dad's chest. It also lowers mom's risk of postpartum mood disorder. Skin-to-skin contact also creates connections between mom, dad, and baby that last a lifetime. So for those who may not be able to physically give this experience through breastfeeding look no further. We've invented the solution to your problem. 

What exactly is the Solution?

Our product is going to change lives!

Do you know anyone who would benefit from using the SipSak? Well don't we all? This device is for everyone! We are excited to announce our product will hit the market soon. We look forward to the SipSak being available to those looking for a better way to feed and bond with their babies!

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