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Sincerely Bonded

Introducing a new way to bond with your little one!

Sincerely Bonded has created the perfect bonding solutions for you and your family. If you or your loved one are looking for the perfect alternative to the age-old traditions then look no further. Come let us show you the new way to sincerely connect with your bundle of joy. 

Are you looking for a more natural way to feed your baby?

Sincerely Bonded is now introducing the "Sip-Sak". A new feeding device that not only looks and feels like the breast but mimics and simulates its functionality as well. Let's ditch the bottle and get back to natures way of connecting with our little ones.

And the best part is its designed for everyone to use. Mom, Dad, Big brother/sister, Nanny etc. 

Would you like to be a part of making history?

Check out our kickstarter campaign!

We have officially launched our campaign to raise funds on Kickstarter. We would love to have your support. Join our community of backers just like you who are contributing to see this revolutionary product come to life! You too could be a part of helping people all around the world have a better bonding experience with their little ones! 
Visit our kickstarter campaign today!

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